India Tuition Policy

  • Students graduate from beginner to intermediate level when the teacher thinks that the child has the potential to dance well. 

  • Advanced level is achieved when the student starts preparation for arangetram. 

  • Adults pay Rs. 625 per class regardless of skill level.

  • Skype classes will be charged at the same rate as a regular class. Since the 1 on 1 class is more intense for both student and teacher, the class session may be shorter than a group class.

How do I pay tuition?

We bill for 4 or 5 classes depending on the number of Mondays in the month at the beginning of each month. If you miss a lesson, it will be your duty to make it up on Tuesday etc. but we cannot continue to bill only for classes attended because it does not allow for us to meet our fixed expenses. Also, it is difficult to catch the kid up if they keep missing lessons. 


Further, billing based on attendance of the month is very tedious and cumbersome. 

Taking Time Off from Class

We understand that you may miss a whole month etc when you go on vacation etc. if you intimate us in advance, we will not bill you for that period or you can still make up those lessons and pay for the month as able. 


Payment Options


All parents should make payments via ECS (preferred) or check in class. Please check with administrative staff for banking details. They have to share payment details to to track their payment. otherwise it will be difficult to us to reconcile the bank transaction.


What if I/my child misses class?

It is best for the dancer’s progress if all missed classes are made up. Please check with your teacher for your batch's assigned make up classes.