2019 Arangetram Students

We are having the arangetram students of  2019 focus on their respective Margam and moving up and promoting the 2020 batch to fill Supriya akka’s 730 am Sunday class 

As a result, the whole school will go thru a round of promotions and all teachers are requested to identify and move up the kids who are dancing well to the next level. 

We understand that some batches risk becoming empty because of this. 

But the correct thing to do it to not hold on to the student but to find new ones to teach. We ourselves will have life events such a leaving for college etc. so let’s do the best for the student instead of standing in their way of progress. 

New students will come. We all need to watch for kids who are passionate about dance and bring them to our school. 

Bringing then to our arangetrams is a good first step. Please inform your parents of the move too and get their buy in for new time and location and send the student along. 

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