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A student eligible for challangai puja should meet the following critera:


  • They need to be strong at 5th natadavu

  • Know ta tei tei ta legs And should be able to keep time for dhi dhi tei


A student is ready for intermediate classes when they reach the following milestones:


  • good execution of 6 natadavu and ok ok execution of 7 and 8 natadavu

  • Working knowledge of ta tei tei ta legs

  • Firm rhythm sense


After that they are intermediate for like 4 years :) Low intermediate say upto 4 th tat tei ta ha After that when they learn tat tei tams , they can go up to advanced classes. You can keep them as long as they are interested. When the majority if your class is filled with beginners the older ones will get bored and be ready to be challenged. You yourself will know. Promote them at that time :)


It is not quite as simple as changing classes, though! Please follow the steps below to promote your student so the experience is smooth for parent and student.


  1. E-mail a video of the student's dance to Subhashini for approval. CC Chitra on the e-mail so she can help sort out the admin details (fees raise, challangai puja, etc etc).

  2. Once you confirm the promotion with Subhashini, e-mail the students (and/or their parents) to let them know of the promotion. Please cc Chitra and the student's new teacher. Include the following details: This note from you will mean a lot to the family - be sure to congratulate them!

    • Note the new class time

    • Note any tuition increase

    • Inform of challangai puja if necessary. If the parent/student responds with admin questions, direct them to Chitra :)That's it!