Makeup Kit


This section lists the necessary items required to give your child a good make-up. Before you buy these items, please make sure you watch the videos listed in the makeup tutorial so you might get a better idea as to what to buy.


Facial Items

  1. Foundation - Revlon. The important thing is it should be waterproof so they don't sweat it out.  Same shade as the child's skin color.

  2. Compact - Loreal. Any shade of compact that is one shade lighter than the child's skin color

  3. Loose powder - Cover Girl. Use about 4 layers of foundation for stage and loose/compact powder between each layer to seal each layer in.

  4. Eye shadow - Maybelline/Revlon/Loreal  Any shade of deeper pink is good for eye lid and gold for below the brow. 

  5. Blush - Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush. Again, any light pink shade is good from a good brand.

  6. Eye liner - Maybelline Gel Eyeliner + Kajal to fill in lower inner eye lid line.

  7. Brows - To darken the brows, use black kohl pencil from here. Revlon, Maybelline etc.

  8. Mascara - Any good brand here - black

  9. Lipstick - Deep red / reddish brown / red wine shade from any good brand here.

  10. Sponge.

  11. Alta– red ink for painting fingers, and toes - highly recommended instead of Sharpie, etc, since it does not run onto costumes, wall, floors, etc.

  12. Eyebrow comb.

  13. Light pink color eye shadow.

  14. Red nail polish.

  15. Bindi.

  16. Henna powder.

  17. Kajal stick and eyeliner.

  18. Make up removal lotion.

  19. Cotton balls & moisturizing lotion.

Hair Items


  1. Comb with pointed end to take partition.

  2. False flowers, false hair and kunjalam (worn at the end of the braid as it adds character to the braid).

  3. Regular hair pins with smooth edges - the thick black kind

  4. Black thread/ yarn to tie up loose ends to make sure the false hair is attached tightly.



  1. Henna powder.

  2. Safety pins – silver color for costume & gold color for jewels.

  3. Old shirt with front buttons.

  4. Nice colored duppatta.

  5. Old newspaper.

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