Scholarships: Income Level Considerations



While we want to support needy students with scholarships, we are highly self respecting and do not want to be short changed. If the parents live a lavish lifestyle in every other way and only skimp on paying for dance lessons, that means they do not value what we do. We have no interest in teaching such students. Unfortunately, the students do get punished for what the parents decide, but we cannot help it. The parents seem to be able to buy costly temple jewelry, conduct lavish arangetrams, pay for costumes, make up and everything except the teacher. ;)  Mostly they want to please their own children and get some kind of kudos in their social circle.  From within 's philosophy is based largely on being true to yourself. We cannot support such a project. Dance is an expensive art and is not for everyone. We have understood this after a lot of burns.  In the past, we have had several experiences where we reach dance to children on scholarship and they are utmost selfish ungrateful and demanding. They do not seem to grasp the financial situation at home and want a luxury arangetram etc etc. this has opened our eyes to the shortcoming of our scholarship program. Hence, we are not going to grant scholarships to children whose parents go on vacations and those who buy expensive clothes for all occasions and drive in luxury cars and use expensive handbags and those who have second vacation homes etc.

We feel like idiots when we see/ hear about  this.  money means different things to different people. Each one of us comes from different backgrounds. We have noted that scholarship requests come from those families where it is not that they are needy but they think the teachers have more money than them and therefore they deserve a scholarship. This attitude will not work any more  Thanks !  love, Subhashini

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