Scholarships: Arangetrams


Dance is an expensive art form.  The moment you seek out a scholarship, you are not eligible for a normal arangetram that other parents in our dance community do.  Attempting to do it in the same way and setting up your child's expectations that such a thing will be possible is not in our opinion a good idea.  We understand when you have financial hardship and provide your ward with reduced fee training but we cannot be responsible to help you host a lavish arangetram spending on things like dinner etc. when you have not paid us our fees due in full in the first place.  This kind of arangetram is basically an attempt by the parents to put on a grand show for satisfying their egos in society and sets a poor example for their children who are not acknowledging of their parents financial difficulties.  From Within as an organization is all about being genuine.  This kind of arangetram project is certainly not genuine and is more on the lines of   'trying to be some one you are not'.   We cannot support this.
For these reasons, we have established the following guidelines for the event:

  • Music provided by CD instead of live orchestra

  • The parents have to pay the temple for space

  • The student will only perform a max of 7 items and will only wear one costume

  • No intermission and no food serving

We understand that while a parent may not be able to afford fees when they join the dance class, they may later become financially stable.  In such a case, they may choose to do a lavish arangetram. In this case, all past scholarship offered will be withdrawn and you will need to make a contribution to the school.


Also, please note that we as teachers have a policy to help students in need and we are impartial in class and do not ever talk about fees to the students.  To our utter amazement, these children have grown up with no regard for the parents' financial situation because they are not at all grateful or organized or respectful when talking or emailing or texting the teacher.  They have grown into assertive, aggressive and demanding individuals who care only about themselves and have found a way to selfishly pound their way to getting things out of us.  All teachers at From Within do the work for the best experience of the audience and for the sake of that dance.  We cannot let the student slip only for this reason. 


Thank you for your understanding.

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