From Within Academy would like to support all deserving dancers regardless of ability to pay.  Our scholarships are need-based only.  If you are not able to pay your full tuition, please apply by following the steps below.  All scholarship information is confidential and will only be shared with From Within staff on a need to know basis. Scholarship status will never affect a dancer's standing in class.


We acknowledge that every family’s situation is different, but we also wish to make sure that we are only granting scholarships to those who are truly in need.  This is an honor-based system that is only sustainable if everyone is honest.  We appreciate your support.


How to apply for a scholarship:

1. Please submit a scholarship request essay to  This one-time essay should be written by the parent or student in an informal tone--please don’t worry about your writing ability.  There is no prescribed length, but please include the following details as you write:

  • Thoughts on what dance means to you

  • What you hope to achieve in class

  • If your request is not in line with our income guidelines (detailed below), please provide sufficient details to let us know why you are in need of this scholarship.


2. We will respond to your request two business days after the essay is received.

3. Scholarships must be renewed each quarter.  It’s easy!  All you need to do is visit our scholarship renewal form.


Income Guidelines:

These guidelines are based on a US family with one member in the dance class. If you do not fit the income guidelines but are genuinely in need of a scholarship, please help us understand your situation with some details in your scholarship essay.  


We truly want to keep the scholarship program fair for everyone - please see our thoughts on scholarships for those with higher incomes.


Missed Classes:

Occasionally we will provide scholarships for students who wish to take more than one class per week. In these cases, prorating missed classes can create an unfair situation for our business. To sustain our scholarship program, we must have the following restrictions for missed scholarship classes:  

  • If a partial scholarship is given for a second weekly class, we will apply the scholarship amount equally to all classes in the quarter. If we determine that missed classes are eligible for proration, we will prorate each class based on the discounted rate.

  • If a full scholarship is given for a second weekly class, the second class will be counted as a make up for any missed primary classes. If the student goes on vacation and will miss more than three classes, proration may still be a possibility. We will not prorate for missed 100% scholarship classes.

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