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Improving Dance Outside of Class


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Home Practice: We do not recommend that the child practice at home.  Unfiltered parent input, no matter how well-intentioned, is often confusing and can be discouraging to the dancer.  It is also difficult for the teacher to tell the dancer that a lesson they’ve learned at home is incorrect.  It’s fine if the dancer decides to practice or perform without prodding,  but please do not encourage or insist on this.

Yoga: We have developed a yoga sequence that we do at the beginning of each class.  We encourage students to practice this outside of class, although it is not required.

Diet: Please provide a protein-rich snack or meal before class and make sure the student gets enough sleep the previous day. We take water and restroom breaks during class. The student can bring a small healthy snack, if necessary.

Exposure to the Arts: It is important for the dancer to watch lots of dance programs!  It doesn’t matter whether you watch YouTube or catch a performance in India.  What is important is the quality and focus of the art.  Dance that focuses heavily on the body (ie: Bollywood, MTV) will not be helpful in this regard.  We share news of local and online opportunities to see quality art when we come across it.  Enrollment in Carnatic music classes is also helpful.

Students who have studied with another teacher: Please strive to maintain a close bond with your/your child's previous teacher.  Someday we would like you to be able to invite this former teacher to an arangetram or important program.  We also do our best to maintain positive and friendly relationships with other teachers to encourage collaboration and community.

Volunteering: This is a great opportunity for you to get closer to the senior parents and teachers.  You can also get a behind-the-scenes look at how we organize performances and run the school.  If you are interested, please email

Shlokas: Please have the dancer learn these by heart.  See the related document for the full text and translation.