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Arangetram Intro

by Kathy Ahuja, mom of Serena and Sonya

For some parents, the decision about whether to have an Arangetram or not may or may not have been established because the larger looming question about when is the best age for your child to have an Arangetram has not been fully considered.  From Within has learned a lot from parents that have gone through this process and is sharing their perspectives in this section of the Arangetram Planning guide to help you plan out the age, grade, and where feasible**, season for your child’s Arangetram.

If your child is very young (under age 9) the benefits of considering the age and grade factors are tremendous for a number of reasons:

  1. There are potentially 4-7 years for you and your child to attend and help in numerous arangetrams for the years leading up to their own Arangetram.  This will give both them and you  a deep appreciation of the commitment and energy involved in the preparation
  2. You can gauge your child’s interest in dance from an early age to ensure that the Arangetram preparation is suitable for your goals in dance,

If you have a child between 9 and 13 years of age, consider the following age and grade  factors when considering when to do the Arangetram:

  1. Consider the number of years between now and high school and pick a year that will give your child a less impactful period to focus on Arangetram preparation.   This has to be an individual decision but in most cases, school homework and exam preparation become more intense in the later years of middle school and high school.  If there is less than 1 year between now and high school , let this not be the reason to forgo an Arangetram., moreover a reason to have conversation with your teacher about your goals and wishes for the Arangetram to ensure due diligence is built into the preparation and expectation.
  2. An early conversation with From Within will provide you with the best options for timing the grade and year that you wish to pursue the planning for the Arangetram.

If you have a child in High School

  1. If your child is committed to many extra curriculars, these may need to be temporarily stopped per individual guidance from From within Academy.  Especially if your child is involved in team sports that require regular practice, you will need to consider the overall goals with the Arangetram prep for your family and child.
  2. If timing doesn’t seem to be right for the high school years,  do not consider this to be a reason to forgo the Arangetram, rather an opportunity to plan for a season that is less conflicting.
  3. September Arangetrams are great for high school students because they can free up their summer months for prep.
  4. Most parents like to avoid the 11th grade or junior year and 12th grade or senior year, because they are incredibly intense for college preparation. Nonetheless, if your child is able to manage the preparation, it can be accomplished but if you are in this grade and have not pursued the Arangetram already, you may be considering it as an after 12th grade goal which is definitely a wonderful approach and definitely a sign of a mature dancer.

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