Class Details



Please arrive on time to class and have transportation arranged to depart when class is over.

  • Injuries: If a dancer comes to class with an injury, the teacher will not allow her to participate in the physical element of the dance.  Observation is still a great way to learn!  If the dancer does not participate, we do not charge for the class.
  • Snacks: Please provide a protein-rich snack or meal before class and make sure the student gets enough sleep the previous day. We take water and restroom breaks during class. Snacks made available in class by From Within are for the teachers and their assistants only.  If necessary, the student can bring a small healthy snack for themselves
  • Observation: Parents are welcome to observe class once every six months.  We also have a parent teacher gathering once per year.  Please read Subhashini's thoughts from the 2015 meeting.

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