Music Sharing Policy


The dance class has several senior students who all want to organize shows for themselves and perform at various forums. We are thrilled to see them blossom and appreciate their talent and drive to organize shows for themselves. Some points to be noted in this process are - always use the MC script and announce the item correctly with correct pronounciation and be proud of the culture you represent. Not knowing what item you are dancing is a very poor showcase regardless of how you dance it. always give credits to the music, dance, choreographer and school give respect to the teachers by not asking for information at last minute. Do not call or text asking for music, video, mc script at the last minute and outside class hours. You should request this in an email two weeks before the show. dress well and appropriate to the function. As always, poor make up or careless dressing will be frowned upon. always inform the seniors when you are dancing somewhere and what item you have chosen and ask for their opinion From Within will give you a good copy of the music for all lessons that you have learnt in class. But for videos, you need to bring a recording device to class and record yourself dancing. Also, when you are in the process of learning an item, you need to bring a voice / video recorder and record the lesson in class. Also, you need to bring a notebook and notate the adavus etc. Video library links make your mind super dull and we do not want to encourage superficial learning of lots of items that you can gather for a show and forget next day. We ourselves will give you video links when the time is right. All dancers need to be respectful of the teachers and be grateful for the dance training / opportunities to perform / teach they receive. None of us are doing this for the money and if we feel taken advantage of, we will ask the student to leave. We will not give out music for the lessons you have not learnt directly from the teacher. That belongs to From Within and you are not allowed to use it. You are also not allowed to change the choreography for an item that you learn from us. If you feel you want to do a new dance, you please compose music for it yourself. We highly encourage that.

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