Vidhya Subramanian 2020

Lighting Script

Pushpanjali and Gambeera Gana Nayakam

Pushpanjali: 0 full

Gambheera gananayakam
Change background color when appropriate
750 final spot in center
End of music black out

Sankeernam Allarippu

full wash with changing background as per the lighting tech creativity

Hemavathi Jathiswaram

full wash with changing background as per the lighting tech creativity

Uppili Appan Shabdam

0 full wash
2.46 green background
4.45 pink background
7.37 blue background
9.10 center spot
End of music - blackout

Neelambari Varnam

Use the peacock motif Gobo
0 - full wash
3.30 - change background to pink
4.50 change background to red when Muruga goes to kill Asura
5.40 full wash
8 00 center spot when heroine sits to write letter
8.42 full wash when valli gets angry
11.43 change background to blue for sad look
13.30 center spot . Transition to second half
13.50 full wash
14.45 change background to blue green purple for peacock look
16 full wash
17.33 change background to green
17.53 full wash
18.34 change background to pink
19.29 full wash
20.20 peacock effect
Black out at end of music

Adinaye Kanna

0 center spot for Krishna poses
0.54 full wash when the full line starts with green background for Brindavan
1.47 change background to pink
3.58 change background to blue
5.40 change background to pink when Krishna Radha dance starts
7.04 center spot till end of music and then blackout


Kavadichundu : Valli Kanavan

Start music
Dancer comes to stage dancing afterwards
0 - full wash, green background for forest type setting
2.20 change background to pink for showing girl in love
2.55 - change to spot light for writing love letter
4.00 - full wash as she gets up
6.00 - make a night like effect and depict darkness as she makes plans to run away from home :)
6.40 - full wash as she skips away

Simhendra Madyamam Thillana

0 full wash with green background for introducing Muruga
2.01 full wash when she beats legs and goes back
3.29 center spot for Muruga poses
3.58 full wash
5.00 change background to blue
6.07 full wash
7.06 spot light till poses are over and music ends and then blackout.