Venya Pillai 2021

Lighting Script

Ganesha Kauthuvam

0 full wash
1.58 change background to pink
3.26 change background to blue
4.40 change background to red
4.50 center spot
5 blackout

Khandam Alarippu

full wash with changing background as per the lighting tech creativity

Ayyappan Shabdam

0 full wash
1.20 change background to pink - Appyapan born
3.36 change background to blue Mahishi killing
5.36 change background to green - coming to sabari mala
7 00 change background to pink
7.57 center spot
8.25 full wash

full wash with changing background as per the lighting tech creativity

Reetigowla Varnam

Gobo flute and feather
0 full wash
4.10 change background to blue for first hand after the Jathi
5.51 change background to red for Kamsa entry
6.06 when she rotates the baby overhead, flash lights
6.22 change background to pink
7.18 make night and rain effects blue with flashing lights
8.17 side spot light near Nataraja for the baby exchange
8.30 full wash as she walks to jail
8.46 red background for Kamsa re entry
9.20 full wash
12. Change background to green for Putana entry
12.44 change background to pink - when a puts a dies
13.10 full wash when the swaram starts
16.17 center spot for krishna poses in between the Varnam first half and second half
17 full wash when the Jathi starts at half line of beating
19.34 change background to red for Draupadi Vastraharan
20 full wash
20.54 change background to green for parijatha and govardhan
21.48 full wash for next swaram
22.51 change background to blue
23.19 throw shadow for Vishwaroopam of Krishna
23.45 blue background for Kaliya episode
25.36 full wash till the end

Natanam Adinar

Dancer starts dancing in stage and enters after music starts
0 full wash
1.56 center spot for the pose
2.09 full wash
3.28 center spot for pose
3.45 full wash change background to pink
6.49 center spot
7.02 full wash, change background to blue
8.56 full wash
9.38 center spot
10.18 black out
Exit of dancer

Darungee Rang Darungee

Turn on Gobo with flute and feather
Dancer needs to wear a veil for this dance. Please wait till she wears it and then turn music on after she comes to stage.

0 center spot
0.36 full wash, pink background
2.10 change background to green
3.07 change background to blue
4.12 change background to pink
5.07 flash light with pink or blue
5.50 center spot
Blackout at 6.12
Dancer exits

Vishamakaara Kannan

Turn on Gobo with flute and feather
Dancer comes in dancing after the music starts
0 full wash
1.41 change background to pink
3.17 change background to green
3.45 change background to blue
4.55 full wash
5.59 center spot
6.13 slowly open the lights and end with full was for running away Krishna as she runs of stage

Kannada Thillana

0 danced comes to stage
Then music starts
Turn on shiva Gobo
Add blue background
More smoke or haze for Kailasha effect

0 spotlight
1.15 open to full wash with blue background
2.18 dheem tana , change background to pink
2.30 mei adavu section being hold pink for 4 mei adavus
3.12 - udani tanam - change background to green or teal
3.55 dhitlam - change background to orange
4.35 - dhitlam tlam tlam - change background to blue and flash and follow the beat for the last repetition
5.10 - change background to pink and hold to finish
Dancer leaves

Pavamana Mangalam

full wash