Vasudha Ravivarma 2019

Lighting Script

Tam Tam Tam Todayamangalam

spotlight (2:28-3:45)

Visual cue: ganesha sitting on mouse pose - getting up from sitting with anjili

Mooshika Vahana


Chaturashram Alarippu

No lighting effects

Bindumalini Jathiswaram

No lighting effects

Nataraja Shabdam

Spotlight (6:16-6:57)

Visual cue: walks to younger sister and taps shoulder-transition to jathi

Ending story

Charukesi Varnam

Spotlight (9:36-10:00)

Visual cue: Krishna opens his mouth- mother stands up

Spotlight (15:09-15:26)

Visual cue: poses at the end of 1st half


spotlight/ red background with black silhouette (0:00- 1:23)

Visual cue: start- standing straight nataraja pose

Poses till sabhapathiku

Spotlight (4:07- 4:32)

Visual cue: Kannapar notices Shiva’s eyes are bleeding- Shiva reveals himself

Spotlight (8:30- end)

Visual cue: Nataraja pose - end

Arupadai Veedu

Spotlight (2:09- 2:26)

Visual cue: Puts garland on muruga- end of walking in circle

Marriage scene

Red light (3:15-4:02)

Visual cue: muruga lifts the veil- 2nd time hand on left shoulder (2nd peru punjali)

Spotlight (5:15-5:45)

Visual cue: Shiva says he doesn’t know the meaning of om- lunge on floor

Muruga whispers meaning of om

Spotlight (7:30- 7:54)

Visual cue: Ganesha receives fruit - pointing all directions

Perumal Un Thirunamam

Spotlight (3:00-3:30) (9:08-9:44)
Visual cue: Reclining vishnu pose on snake- clapping hands in praise
Happens two times
Spotlight (7:00-7:43)
Visual cue: Ramanuja climbing temple’s hills- girl praising ramanuja (end of story)

Amritavarshini Thillana

Spotlight (6:55-end)

Visual cue: Raining pose- end

Shiv Tandav

Spotlight (0:00- 0:29)

Visual cue: start - end of rotations

Spotlight (3:40-end)

Meditation pose- end

Blue, night, smoke effect

Pavamana Mangalam

full wash

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